Family Photos

This page is a work in progress. More photos coming . . .

William Miller Bennight and Mary Dicus

Raymond Everette Bennight left, and Howard Ogden Bennight

Raymond Everette Bennight and ?

Raymond E and Howard O Bennight

Loraine Bennight

Camp Murray in Tacoma?  Ray Bennight on right

WWII pictures, Ray Bennight in 3rd picture, middle

Maryann Evelyn Cox Bennight with one of
her two sons, either Howard or Raymond,
circa 1911-1913

L-R: Elizabeth Jane McCormick Cox,
Myrtle Blake Cox Gragg, Maryann Evelyn Cox Bennight,
Tandy Kidd Cox

Raymond E. Bennight

TOP: Joseph Everette Bennight and Mary Ann Evelyn Cox Bennight's
home in Centralia, WA  circa 1910
BOTTOM: Elizabeth Jane McCormick Cox with grandsons
L-R   Howard Ogden Bennight, Raymond Everette Bennight, Owen Gragg

Archie and Barbara (Bennight) Heckman

Denver and Esther (Cross) Bennight

Print and Myrtle (Cox) Gragg

Peter P. Bennight on a good fishing day

L-R: Flotilla (Bennight) Carr, Maryann (Cox) Bennight, Howard Ogden Bennight,
 Joseph Everette Bennight, Raymond Everette Bennight

Howard Ogden Bennight and Laverne (Roberts) Bennight

 Raymond Everette and Zina (Rowley) Bennight

Raymond Everette Bennight
 high school graduation?

Howard Ogden Bennight
 in Australia with the Navy, WWII

Zina (Rowley) Bennight and Bunny (Rowley) Strong