Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raymond Bennight - Birth - 2 years of age

I was born Wednesday, the 21st of August, 1912, to Joseph Everette and Mary Ann Elizabeth (Cox) Bennight. My dad was 32 years old and my mother was 23. I have a brother, Howard Ogden Bennight, who is a little more than a year older than I. Dad had been married once before and from that union was born a boy and a girl, Denver and Flotilla.

I was born in Centralia, Washington, and we lived there until a short while after my mother died (2 January 1915). Before she met and married dad, she had been Assistant Postmistress to her mother, Elizabeth Cox, who was the Postmistress of Vesta, Arkansas. This is where my dad met her while he was working for the Western Mining Company, nearby. She had only one sister (my Aunt Myrtle) and no brothers. I have one picture of my mother and she looked a lot like my daughter, Loraine. Editor's note: The picture Raymond refers to in his history is on the Home Page. The Picture picture above right was given to our family many years after this hiistory was written. It is MaryAnn Evelyn Cox Bennight with Howard Ogden Bennight in the Centralia, Washington area, about spring/summer of 1911.

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  1. Our grandmother Cox went on to found a post office in Chant, Oklahoma. She was the postmistress and Grandma Myrtle assisted her there.

    Have you noticed that some of the accounts of your grandmother show her name as Maryann "Evelyn" instead of Elizabeth?

  2. I have noticed that Evelyn versus Elizabeth. I've always thought it was Evelyn, but it would make sense that she was named after her mother.