Monday, August 2, 2010

Descendants of Joseph E. Bennight

The numbers represent generations. 1 - first generation, 2 - child of #1, 3 - grandchild of #1, 4 - great-grandchild of #1, 5 - great-great-grandchild of #1

1  Joseph E. Bennight b. 1839
    Wife: Susan Francis Williams, b. 1830
    2   Wesley Christopher Bennight b. 8 Nov 1860
         Wife: Tennie C. (Tennasee) Lovett, b. 1871
         3   Houston Wesley Bennight b. 1845
              Wife: Alberta Henrietta Peet
               4   Wesley Albert Bennight b. 1924
                     Wife: Emily Jean Martin b. 1928
                      5   John Wesley Bennight b. 1950
                      5   Brenda Kathleen Bennight b. 1954
               4   Ruby Iris Bennight b. 1922
                    Husband: Richard M. Henson
               4   Allie Mae Bennight b. 1920
          3   Joseph L. Bennight b. 1890
               Wife: Eula Myers
          3   William H. Bennight
               Wife: Lealer Padgett, d. 1968
          3   Mary Bennight b. 1893
               Husband #1: Jim Wilhite
               Husband #2: Clark
          3   Virgie Bennight b. 1898
               Husband: Claude P. Patterson
    2   Emmer G. Bennight, b. 1863
         Husband: Briscoe d. 1930s


  1. I have that Joseph Eldridge Bennight was the brother of Joseph Howard Buchannan Bennight (a post says Joseph B. Bennight, born 1831 in Freestone Co, Mo and died in 1884 in Bastrop, TX- my gr gr grandfather. His 1st wife was Louisa A. Coffee, and his 2nd, my gr gr grandmother was Sarah A. Ward, born in 1847. There son was Thomas Howard Benton Bennight, my gr grandfather. Thomas's brother was George Ansell Bennight, who I think was Jim Bennight's gr grandfather. I have that Joseph E. Bennights 2nd child was Emily G. Bennight, born in Missouri. This could be my error, not sure.

  2. Hi Dianne! Thanks for the information you sent. Now I know that there were at least 2 Joseph E Bennights. Joseph Eldridge b. 1831, and Joseph Everette b. 1879. I'm going to enter everything into Legacy so I can figure out how it might all fit together. I'll be using Jim's information also.

  3. Dianne Vogt: I hope you can help me decide if the family shown on the 1880 Census of Freestone, Texas is one and the same as your gg grandfather, Joseph Howard Buchannan Bennight. Would you take a look at the post that contains that census and tell me what you think? The post is called
    "Joe B & Sarah Bennight Family". It should come right up if you use the search engine here on the blog.
    Joe B's birth year is close, and so is Sarah's, but not exactly the same as the dates you gave me. And they have a son named "Tommie" - could that be your Thomas Howard Benton Bennight?
    One of the things that confused me about your comment was your first sentence where you say Joseph Eldridge Bennight was the brother of Joseph Howard Buchannan Bennight - were they brothers and both named Joseph?
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  4. Hello....first, I LOVE THIS SITE!!

    I wanted to add to Mary (Frances) Bennight. With her husband James C. Wilhite she had a daughter (Ollie Tennesee Whilhite) who married Orval William Cassity. From that union was Virginia Cassity & Leatha Cassity (my mother) Name is Cinnamon Nichole Leyerly, and my siblings are Beva H. Leyerly III & Kristol Lynn Leyerly. I do have a list of Ollie's siblings as well if you are interested.

  5. Anyone know of any Bennight's in Ohio? Niles/Warren/Youngtown area. My father was James Gordon Bennight, Jr. He was born 10-4-1951 and died 3-19-1978. I name is Mecha (Bennight) Hutchinson I was born 7-8-1977. I wondered about my biological fathers family. His father was J. Gordon Bennight Sr. and mother was Ruth Mowery.

  6. To Mecha (Bennight) Hutchinson, My is Renee (Bennight) Burks, J. Gordon was my uncle and Jimmy as I knew him was my cousin, If you will contact me at Facebook under Renee Burks I can put you in touch with family members that knew your father. Also my email add is

  7. Mecha, my name is libby bennight poland and your father was my first cousin.your granddad was my uncle, my daddy's brother. Jimmie(what we called him) lived with us in texas for awhile in the late 60's.I have a picture of you and your brother that jimmie sent to me. You can contact me a or on facebook. Hope to talk to you soon

  8. I am Frances Lea Martinelli nee Bennight. Amanuel Melvin Benninght was my father. I am interested in finding out about the family tree. Especially on Grandma Bennight's side. I last saw my father in 1977 in San Antonio at Aunt Missy's House. I am the last in my family living. My sister Kathleen(Kay)just recently passed away on July 20. My brother Richard (Dickey)died in Dec. 1984 in NYC
    Would love to hear from any Bennight relatives.
    My Email is
    Hope to hear from someone soon.