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William M. Bennight and Sarah McCubbin

There are a few discrepancies between the three entries below, as they came from different sources and I put them up here exactly as I found them.  I am personally still trying to determine if Sarah McCubbin married my great grandfather, William Bennight (see my family chart) or some other William Bennight. Perhaps someone reading this will have more information to offer. 
- Loraine Bennight Nielsen

Miller County Museum & Historical Society

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Joe Pryor - News Tribune Article Monday, June 04, 2007

Sarah, born September 19, 1791, in North Carolina, married William Bennight.
Sarah McCubbin, who married William Bennight, came to Miller County in the middle 1830’s where her husband, a miller, practiced his trade at Sartar’s Mill near the Big Saline Creek, later becoming the sole proprietor of the enterprise. They left the area in the 1840’s moving into what is now Caldwell County, Missouri.
40 William M. Bennett: William was born in VA circa 1785. He married Sarah (Sallie) McCubbin in Hardin Co, KY, May 22, 1811. William died 1832 in Green or Hart KY.
41 Sarah (Sallie) McCubbin: Sarah was born in Rockingham Co, NC September 19, 1791. She married William M. Bennett in Hardin Co, KY, May 22, 1811. Sarah died November 30, 1885 in Daviess Co, MO, at 94 years of age.
Ancestors of Luther Martin Crain

Generation No. 6

Sarah Sally McCubbin, born September 19, 1791 in Rockingham County, North Carolina; died November 30, 1885 in Daviess County, Missouri; married William M Bennett May 22, 1811 in Hardin County, Kentucky; born Abt. 1787 in Wolf Island Creek, Rockingham, North Carolina; died Abt. 1832 in Green Co., Kentucky.

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