Tuesday, July 24, 2012

425 North Buckner St., Centralia, WA

July 23, 2012
Hi All! 
Hope you had a great weekend. The highlight of my weekend was finding new information on my dad's family. If you read my post from July 21, you know I found my grandmother's (Mary Ann "Mollie" Bennight) obituary from 1915. Well, it seems my brother, Jeff, went to Centralia and took a nice picture of the home where our dad lived as a little child, possibly was even born there.

Now I have another project on my To-Do list - finding those old pictures I know I have somewhere in my family stuff. I recognize the front porch and the little bay window on the side of the house. It will be fun to see those pictures again and compare them to how the house looks now. 

What about you? Have you visited places from your family's past to see what they are like now? 

- Loraine

Former home of Joseph Everette Bennight, MaryAnn (Mollie) Bennight, Howard Ogden Bennight, Raymond Everette Bennight. Also possibly Flotilla Bennight and Elizabeth (Lizzie) McCormick. The family lived there from approximately 1912-1915.

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