Friday, June 25, 2010

Coal Miners' Memorial Park

Coal Miners’ Memorial Park

Greenwood, Arkansas, Historical District

The Memorial was dedicated to honor the coal miners of Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Coal miners were the heart of our heritage that we enjoy today.  These walls of memories include names of the men who mined the coal that fueled the industrial might of America.  Miners, mine bosses, and mine owners, together, applied skills, financing, and know-how to an industry that demanded unusual dedication.  Many of these men and boys gave their lives in explosions, floods, cave-ins, and accidents.  Other were injured or died of black lung disease.

Many of the miners were immigrants from Europe.  They are a part of the ethnic and cultural mix that enriches our culture today. From early 1870 to 1965, coal mining and coal miners were a dominant force in Sebastian County, Arkansas

Miners Named Currently Listed on the Memorial

Updated April 15, 2005



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