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Joe B & Sarah Bennight Family (from 1880 Census)

1880 Census, County of Freestone, State of Texas, June 10th and 11th, 1880

Bennight -                                          Age                                                     Born
     Joe B                    White male       47                     Farmer                      Mo
     Sarah                    White female    30         Wife     Keeping house           Ark
     Jerome                  White male       22         son       Farm laborer              Ark
     Carrie                    White female    13         dau                                        Tx
     George                   White male      10         son       Farm laborer               Tx
     Seth                       White male        8         son                                         Tx
     Joe                        White male        6          son                                         Tx
     Tommie                 White male        3          son                                         Tx
     Sarah                     White female   6/12       dau                                         Tx

The following information was taken from One World Tree. I think these records may refer to Sarah, the youngest of the children listed above. However, in order for them to be one and the same, her birth year would have to have been entered incorrectly ont he One World Tree records (should be 1879, making her 6 months old in June 1880 when the census was taken).

Sarah Sallie Bennight
Born 29 Nov 1880
Freestone, Texas
Died 15 Feb 1925
Bastrop, Texas

Jepp Hill Miller
Born 21 Oct 1877
Died 23 Apr 1955
Bastrop, Texas

Their Children:
Woodrow Bryson Miller, 1914
Martha Miller, 1915
Maybell Miller, 1917
Fred Miller, 1920

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