Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Bennights from Bastrop, Texas

The following is information I received from Michele Hand in 2005.

Amelia Olivia Bennight (Michele's grandmother) was married to Clarence Karl Johnson.

Her parents were Lee Moriel Bennight and Virginia Ola Knowles.

Lee's parents were Joseph Wortham Bennight and Amelia Elizabeth Johnson.

Joseph Wortham Bennight
Born 1874
Died 1958

Married to
Amelia Elizabeth Johnson
Marriage date: 4 Nov 1894

Their children:

Lee Moriel born 1893/4
Marie born 1908
Joe Wortham
Paul Revere


Lee Moriel Bennight and Virginia Ola Knowles
had eight children:

Amelia Olivia born 1920
Lee Moriel Jr. born 1923
J. Gordon born 1928
Joe Robert born 1926
Tom Augustas born 1934
Amanuel Melvin born 1914
Clifton born 1917
Melvin (Bob)

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