Sunday, July 25, 2010

Joseph Everette Bennight Letters of Recommendation

My grandpa Bennight was a miner. I have always been fascinated by these old letters of recommendation that my dad passed on to me. I included a transcript under each letter.

Division No. 58
National Brotherhood of Coal Mining Engineers.
Office of Secretary
Bonanza, Arkansas, April 15, 1903
To Whom it May Concern:
This is to certify that the Bearer J. E. Bennight
has bin in the Employ of the Western Coal & M. Co.
for the past year in the capacity of
Hoisting Engineer. During his entire service
 he has given eminent satisfaction
as a skilled engineer. Steady, sober
 & industrious and as such we
cheerfully recommend him to any one requiren his services. He leaves the service
of this co of his own accord.
Signed Harry Powell Sec.

Central Coal & Coke Company
Successor to
Keith & Perry Coal Co. & Kansas & Texas Coal Co.
Miners of Coal
Manufacturers of
Lumber and Railway Timber
General Office Kansas City, Mo
Huntington Ark. Sep. 17 1902
To Whom it May Concern
This is to certify that the bearer Everit Benight
has bin the employ of this company for
several months as Hoisting Engineer.
During his entire service he has given
Eminent Satisfactory as a Skilled Engineer
Steady Sober & industrious & as such would
cheerfully recommend him to any one requiring
 his services. He leaves the service of this
Company of his own accord.
Harry Powell M. M.

Jenny Linds Mines
Jenny Lind, Ark. July 29, 1899
To Whom it May Concern.
This is to certify that I have known Everett
Benight for 2 years as a Pumper and Fire-
man. He has also had considerable experience
with a pair of first Motioned Engines being
Night Engineer for 5 or 6 months. He has been
suspended from work during the Miners Strike
here. I can recommend him as a conscientious
work man.
Thos. Bell
Chief Engineer


WESTERN COAL AND MINI (missing section)
Jenny Lind Mines
Jenny Lind, ...
To Whom it may concern:
This is to certify that the bea . . .
been in the employ of the Western Coal and Mining Co., for
a period of one year, engaged in the capacity of hoisting
engineer at our principal Min No.17, which is equipped with
the Litchfield first motion hoisting engines. In this capac-
ity he gave general satisfaction. He is honest, sober and
sustains a good reputation among all of his associates.
Any company requiring the services of such a man will not
regret engaging him. He leaves of his own accord.
B P Davison
Chief Engineer W.C and M.Co.
Jenny Lind Ark.
Thos. Bell, Asst Supt

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