Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photo Album

Left-Raymond Everette Bennight
Right-Howard Ogden Bennight

Front-Howard Ogden Bennight
Back-Raymond Everette Bennight

Raymond Everette Bennight
and Howard Ogden Bennight

Left-Mary (Mollie) Dicus Bennight
Right-William Miller Bennight

Right-Raymond Everette Bennight
probably at Camp Murray near Tacoma, Wash.
beginning of WWII

Top-Home of the Joseph Everette Bennight Family
in Tacoma, Washington
Updated 07/29/2012 - Just found out this home is in Centralia (see my post about it here).
Bottom-Grandma Lizzie McCormick Cox
with Howard Ogden Bennight (left)
Raymond Everette Bennight (center)
and Printest Owen Gragg (right)
about 1915/16

Bennight Coat of Arms

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