Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One More Generation, Please?

Hi there fellow genealogy seekers! If you have been doing this for a while, you have probably had the thrilling experience, like me, of finding the next generation back in your family tree. Such a rush, right? Genealogy nerd heaven! Especially after being "stuck" for a long time.

What follows is the information I have for the end of my Bennight line currently, William Bennight and his wife, Sarah. I've been trying to push through to the next generation for a long time, but so far, nada. 

William Bennight
Born: Abt 1795, South Carolina

Born: Abt 1804, South Carolina

John Wesley Bennight            (unknown)
Born: Abt 1831, Tennessee

James Jerome Bennight             (Susan S. Cogbill)
Born: 30 April 1828, Tennessee
Died: 5 January 1902, Oklahoma

Joseph Bennight            (unknown)
Born: Abt 1831

Mary A. Bennight            (unknown)
Born: Abt 1835, Missouri

Andrew Jackson Bennight            (Mary A. Coffee)
Born: Abt 1836, Missouri

Elizabeth Bennight            (James Madison William Ward)
Born: Abt 1837, Missouri
Died: 1887, Texas

William Miller Bennight            (Mary Melvina Tyree/Mary E. Dicus)
Born: 20 September 1842, Missouri
Died:  3 December 1927, Oklahoma

I keep finding a few more puzzle pieces here and there about this family, but have yet to make the jump back one more generation. I am encouraged that the puzzle is starting to look more like a picture and less like Swiss cheese, though. 

I've been busily looking at the Find A Grave website over the last few weeks in my spare time (hahaha). I'm excited about the amount of information I found, and so very grateful to the volunteers who visit the cemeteries and take pictures and do the documentation. In fact, I joined the website as a volunteer myself. Yep. I already got some requests for pictures in my area, too. And when the snow has melted and it is warm enough to walk around outside without freezing to death, I plan on fulfilling some of those requests. 

Have you found online resources that have helped with your research? I'd love to hear about your discoveries.

Happy Searching, Loraine

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