Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Family Tree Chart

Hi there, 
Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) McCormick Cox was quite a remarkable woman. I’m proud to call her my great-grandmother. I’ve posted pictures (here) and articles (here) about her in the past. 

Today, I took a few minutes to make up this chart using my Legacy Charting software. It shows Lizzie's ancestors at the top and works its way down through the family tree to her name at the bottom. This chart goes back to 1704, Robert Hudnall. The Hudnall family has actually been traced back to the mid 1500s in England by other genealogists, so this chart includes a lot of their work, as well as some of my own. 

Note: See a more readable version below.

I enjoy seeing the flow of a family tree in this format. Do you have favorite charting tools for displaying your family tree? 

Happy Searching, Loraine

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  1. The more research you do and share about our great-grandmother, the more I understand my own business strengths as a woman in a man's world. We share a goodly heritage:)